Bargains Plus More ships everywhere on the planet, daily.

 Free 3-6 day Shipping to 48 contiguous States ON ALL ORDERS!! and if you are in Alaska or Hawaii and want free shipping we can do that if you agree to flat rate shipping without the original boot box!!

 International customers enjoy discounted USPS Priority and Express rates.

 We ship using 2 main methods:


 Please visit and to see their official rules and regulations.

General Shipping Policy

We typically ship FedEx and Post Office within the United States lower 48 states.

Canada, Hawaii and Alaska are typically shipped via United States Postal Service.

We can only ship to P.O. Box addresses if you select 'USPS' methods during checkout.

International customers are shipped using USPS only.

 Daily Shipping Cutoff Times (Estimated)

  • FedEx Ground: 1:00 PM CST
  • FedEx Express: 1:00 PM CST
  • USPS Mail: 1:00 PM CST

 Shipping / Damage Claims

 All packages are insured for replacement value, should a claim arise due to damage contact us.

Upon receipt of your package(s), it is your responsibility to inspect items to be sure damage has not occurred.

If damage exists, immediately ask the driver to note the condition and to do their part to start a damage claim.

Contact us immediately upon discovering damage, this must be done upon arrival of your packages for a valid claim.


International Customers - Explanation of Tariffs / Taxes

We do not quote or collect taxes, however many international customers will be required to pay import duties and fees to receive merchandise purchased from outside of their region. It is your responsibility to know these charges before placing an order with us, no matter where you live in the world.

We cannot claim lower or “gift” value of items to save you from paying duties, it’s not within our power to alter documents for this purpose. Please don't waste our time emailing us about this, we will not risk our ability to feed our families to save you taxes based on where you live (and why would you ask somebody you trust to lie for you?).

International Customers - Size Limitations and Dimensional Surcharges

We ship USPS Postal (Priority or Express) as much as most of our international friends like it, because most countries charge lower fees (or no fees) to collect duties and taxes. FedEx is notorious for assessing higher costs for you to accept the package on your end, "brokerage fees" that we typically don't see using USPS Postal. Also, be aware that FedEx can greatly increase in ship costs due to package sizes and in such an event, you will be contacted by us before processing to ensure you understand the full FedEx pricing. While the postal services do have limitations on size to each country (you can check and find your own country's rules for incoming packages), as long as your package is under the limit there is NO additional fee.

Overall USPS Priority or Express Mail is preferred, we have had as close to 100% success with this that anyone could expect. Express service can cost a bit more, but is faster and generally the tracking info is more detailed.

 If You Want to Know, Just Ask!

It’s always better to ask in advance if you are not certain about any of our policies or products. Do not hesitate to contact us to be sure. Also, due to the nature of shipping and receiving we reserve the right to operate outside of these general guidelines as necessary. That does NOT mean we will take the opportunity to do something evil, happy customers make us a happy dealer. :)