Never Seen Before All-Condition Waterproof Boots from Boots Plus More

On Oct 16th 2018

Tactical units, emergency squads, rescue operators, and the long-standing infantry on discrete missions often don’t know what they are heading into. Rummaging through thorns, nails, broken glass, water, etc. does not have any certainty factor attached to it. For times like these, when you’ve got to achieve your mission at all costs, make sure you start by equipping yourself better. 

Apart from covering yourself against the evils and harms of Mother Nature, make sure you have the right protection for your firm foundations, which are your feet. Never settle for ordinary boots and look out for SWAT waterproof boots. Constructed to perform under any condition, this lightweight collection of professional boots are perfect.

What makes SWAT Waterproof boots iconic?

Being one of the many standard designs from Boots Plus More, the waterproof boots have been designed keeping in mind the soldiers, SWAT units, and other special-op individuals who need the best protection from head to toe. Apart from featuring full grain leather, the boots are excelled to help your cause with the presence of Cordura® 1000 denier nylon upper for improved durability and comfort.

Easy on and off fit makes it easier to take off the boots and then wear them again as emergency strikes and the loop tab-stay closure helps to do that with a secure hook and loop concept dominating the front design of the boots.

Lastly, HydroGuard waterproof property allows the soldiers, emergency rescue operators, and other individuals the license to go deep into swamps, muddy water, and any other area that needs to be secured but is filled or clogged with water.

Nothing gives you more protection from the reliable and sturdy boots from Boots Plus More, not even your next-door store promising high-quality boots for discounted rates. Make sure you buy the ultimate pair to stand firm on your feet, anywhere and everywhere.