Common Points to Consider When Buying Army Boots

Common Points to Consider When Buying Army Boots

Army boots are tough, sturdy yet fancy-looking versatile shoes primarily worn by armed forces personnel. However, over the last decade or so, it has gained massive popularity among the youth. Every guy's wardrobe has one pair of these boots. These boots do not just make you look more attractive, but it adds to your persona. Army Boots help create that perfect casual look, from a relaxed every day look to donning your casual tees it compliments your outfits unbelievably well. We know buying an ideal pair of boots is not easy, don't worry! Here are the common points you should consider when buying army boots!

Things To Consider While Buying Army Boots:

Waterproof Boots

This is the first and foremost thing you should look for while buying a boot. There is a wide range of designs available both online and offline in the market, but make sure those are waterproof ones. Waterproof boots protect your feet in stormy weather and wet conditions easily and also last long. You should pay close attention to this feature if you want your boots to stay with you for a long time. For premium quality army boots, you can go for brands such as Bates waterproof boots.

Comfort in rough conditions

e know that looks matter but not at the expense of your comfort. You don't want to look dashing but end up with sore feet because of discomfort and unwanted pain arising out of the boots. You may have to ride bikes or walk to a distance, and that's when comfort matters. Comfort is one of the main factors that you should not compromise at any cost for army boots or even other types of boot.

Ankle support

Your ankle should be properly supported with a good grip and cushion surrounding your feet. It keeps your feet safe in sudden twisting of the ankle due to unforeseen situations. You would be using these boots in extreme conditions, so ankle support is a must-have when you decide to shop for your favorite pair of boots.


Boots should have tight sole grip and must be slip-resistant. It is essential for your safety. Slip resistance is more crucial not just to keep feet safe but for your complete safety. To avoid slip and fall while casual hiking, slip-resistant army boots are a must.

Long Lasting Durability

Take your time and assess the quality of the brand that you decided to buy. Before making your final decision, check the durability of the boots. Look for customer reviews for better insights. Check the list of features and materials used in the boots before buying them. Good pair of army boots don’t come cheap, and you don't want your investment to go in vain in just a couple of weeks. Look for multiple brands before finalizing your purchase.

Sole & Weight

Make sure the sole does not extend to the back of the heel or the front (near the toe). The sole must have proper thickening and strength. The outsole must be of rubber or polyurethane material to guarantee comfort, ease, and flexibility.

These aspects ensure that the boots will add essential high-quality features that are required by military personnel or even those with a non- army background. Also, consider the weight of the boots. Boots should neither be too light nor too heavy. Heavy boots often add discomfort and tire legs quickly, and hence should be avoided. Light boots often don't protect feet that well and prone to break, so avoid too light boots too.

So you now know what are the common points to consider when buying army boots. Make use of the above recommendations to shop for the best pair of boots. If you are looking for great quality army boots, then log onto and explore a range of brands and designs.