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Bates Annabon Tactical 6 Inch Boots 6006

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Brand New Bates Annabon Tactical 6 Inch Boots 6006

 These boots are brand new and in their original box with all original stickers and tags. Shop with confidence knowing that our boots are of the highest quality at the best price.

These lightweight tactical boots were made for enforcers on a mission—whether chasing, patrolling or guarding, you can rely on the tough yet flexible athletic construction and shock absorption of the Bates Annobon 6” tactical boots to get you through the day. This boot protects feet and legs from fatigue and reduces down time from unwanted aches and pains. The reinforced exoskeleton provides durable yet flexible protection with added stability and a tough authoritative look. Warm weather operations are aided by a completely breathable liner that wicks moisture away from feet for a fresher, cooler feel.

These retail for $ 129.95


 Light in weight for fast, aggressive maneuverability

Flexible exoskeleton provides extra stability, protection and side reinforcement

Metal detector-friendly with its non-metallic stabilizers

Liner is breathable for even the warmest days

EVA midsole cushions feet with every step increasing endurance

Slip-resistant rubber sole prevents injury due to slips and falls

Cement construction locks in toughness yet is deceivingly light


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